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Your guide to hosting an epic private event

It’s true that anyone can host a party, but throwing an epic event that has your guests raving about for months to come? That takes time, passion and a whole lot of planning. No one enjoys attending a boring event. The last thing you want is people sneaking out the door two hours early, and it only takes a few lacking areas to make this fear a reality at your event. Although don’t panic – there’s only a few things you need to ensure are on-point to create a memorable an enjoyable event.

Whether it be for a birthday, engagement, bah mitzvah, fundraiser or awards night, planning an epic experience is never as simple as booking a venue and giving everyone the date and time – it’s the little things that count. Small things can create an incredible atmosphere that will encourage your guests to enjoy themselves, and make the most of every moment – especially if that means hitting up the dance floor until the very last song.

So how exactly do you put on an epic event? The secret is considering the following when planning your event.

Location, location, location

Finding the perfect venue is crucial to hosting a fantastic event. It’s important to ensure it’s accessible for your guests – what’s the point of an open bar if everyone has to drive? The Glasshouse’s central location within Olympic Park Precinct, and on the doorstep to Melbourne’s CBD, means your guests can catch public transport with ease, or take a leisurely stroll or uber ride back to their hotel. Planning a fancy pre-show dinner before hitting up Rod Laver Arena, or throwing a tennis themed gala to coincide with the Australian Open? Being situated right amongst the action will give your event that extra edge, and like we said – location is everything.

Styled by atmosphere

Great experiences get talked about, and while you want to wow your guests – hearing them telling their friends about how fabulous your cocktail party or private event was is what we consider a success. Creating the right ambience has everything to do with making the most of the space you’re in – from styling through to lighting, it all needs attention and consideration to make the best visual impact. You likely have an idea in your head of what you want your event to look like; whether it’s a kosher bar mitzvah or milestone birthday, the party should have a certain look and theme that flows seamlessly throughout the space. Working with a professional stylist to bring your vision to life – such as the awesome team at The Big Group Creative – means you’ll not only be able to take a step back and relax while someone else does the work, but you’re guests will be left seriously impressed as your event is taken to the next level.

Delicious or not

It’s true – exceptional food and drink alone can make an epic experience, even if the music is amiss or the styling off centre; delectable canapes and cocktails can save almost any other event mishap.ess with this critical factor, however, and you can be assured the talk of your event will be complaints about the catering. You want a seasonal, mouth-watering menu that will have your guests following around the waiters for seconds (and thirds). Sometimes you’ll hit a homerun and find a team – again, like the professionals The Big Group – that can handle both styling and catering in one. That way you can forget scrolling search engines for fancy food ideas and leave all the hard work up to the pros – all you need to do is enjoy the taste testing.

Nice tunes & entertainment

The music you choose can make or break the festive atmosphere you, the caterers and your stylists have worked hard to achieve – so getting this aspect right is vital to having a memorable night. Planning a cool and casual cocktail party event? Maybe consider a cruisy jazz band or soul singer, but if you want your guests to hit the dance floor, consider a lively cover band or engaging DJ. Prefer an over-the-top extravaganza? Why not look into performers – from aerial artists to snake charmers, it could add the wow-factor you’re after. Again, talk to your event planner or stylist, who can help you find the right vibe for your event.

Who’s coming?

At the end of the day, you’re there to celebrate a special occasion, and the people you invite are there for a reason. Think carefully about who you’re inviting and what the point of the event is. Your event is an opportunity to gather people together – many of them your nearest and dearest friends and family. It’s also important to consider who your guests are when scheduling in important moments, such as speeches, the cake cutting or a birthday surprise. Don’t leave such moments too late into the party so that people who aren’t able to stay for the entire event miss out. Those special moments are why they’re there in the first place – so give a thought  to the people you wish to celebrate with.

Because I’m happy
Finally, and perhaps most importantly – have an incredible time yourself! If you’re running around your own event looking stressed, it’s going to be very hard for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves, and if you’re the one who’s gone to all the effort of throwing a magnificent party, then no one deserves to enjoy it more than you – so go on, enjoy a glass of bubbles and all your work to date.

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