On Reflection: A Checklist for your Wedding Day

Tips for a Memorable Wedding from the Experts

When planning your wedding, you’re bound to be told that on your special day, only two people really matter – the happy couple. While this is true to some extent, we believe every couple wants their wedding day to leave their guests absolutely wowed, and reflecting on their unique ceremony and reception long after the celebrations have ended.

There is a reason why couples spend months – if not an entire year or two – planning their nuptials down to the finest details. With so much to think about and do, just where do you begin? Our expert team at The Big Group have pulled together an easy checklist to ensure the most important things are done first.

1. Find Your Venue

First things first consider what type of wedding you’re after so you can narrow down the locations worth visiting. Finding a blank canvas you can transform into absolutely anything, compared to a space that doesn’t really fit your vision, is ideal. At venues like The Glasshouse in Melbourne, your imagination is your only limit. Its versatility makes it an ideal space for momentous occasions. An architectural masterpiece with floor to ceiling windows overlooking Olympic Park Precinct, it’s a unique location that will leave your guests awestruck from the moment they walk in the door – with sweeping views, in The Event Space, it’s little wonder this space is popular with the modern bride.

2. Hire a Stylist

Once you’ve decided on your theme and found the ideal venue to match, it’s time to start on style. One of the toughest parts of planning (apart from the guestlist of course), this is where the small details come into play. Our suggestion? Find a wedding stylist that will not only make your experience stress-free, but truly bring your vision to life. Having a professional team like The Big Group set up, style and deliver your dream wedding day (rather than frantically setting up centrepieces yourself when you should be kicking back at the hair salon) is absolutely priceless. Another tip for saving dollars is hiring pieces for your wedding day rather than buying them yourselves. Working closely with The Big Group, The Design Depot has absolutely everything you need (and more) when it comes to a range of boutique wedding decor.

3. Make It Personal

At the end of the day, it will be the small, thoughtful touches that your guests will remember.

Think of unique aspects of your relationship that can put a memorable twist on your wedding day – whether it’s a fun aspect about how you met, a quirky favour that makes your guests laugh, or a customised cocktail menu with drinks inspired by your favourite pastimes. And of course, don’t forget to talk to your celebrant about options for your ceremony – it doesn’t all have to be done by the book. Make it an opportunity to tell your story, include some laughs, and throw in a few tear jerkers too. It’s the most important part of the day, so make it count and make it about your unique relationship.

4. Fabulous Food and Drinks

To make your wedding a real hit, create a mouth-watering menu that kicks off with canapes and cocktails, followed by a dinner that will have your guests excited to take their seats. End on a bang with dessert – the course everyone is really waiting for – with slices of your delectable wedding cake, or a range of sweet treats your guests can help themselves to. Knowing what to put on that menu can be a little challenging, so work with a professional caterer to make sure you get it right – from choosing the wines to go with each meal, to what kind of cake will really suit your occasion. Our magic makers at The Big Group are renowned for crafting seasonal menus that suit each specific wedding, be it cultural, kosher or otherwise – they are adept at handling all catering needs – including the cake! Given they do styling and catering, having one point of contact for so many aspects of your wedding is guaranteed to make the entire process much easier and more enjoyable.

5. Create an Atmosphere

Your wedding isn’t just another event – it’s an entire experience, and one you want your guests to enjoy. Let’s be honest – it will be the music that ultimately sets the mood and if there’s anything you want to avoid at your wedding, it’s an empty dance floor. Find a band or DJ that will keep the crowd up and dancing, and work with them on the set list – you may love alternative rock, but is that going to be what your guests want to hear all night? Mix some of your own picks in with the crowd favourites that everyone knows the words to will ensure your guests dance until the very last song. When it comes down to it, dancing releases endorphins, endorphins make people happy, and a lot of happy people all in one room together with a touch of styling magic create an incredible atmosphere – and there’s the secret!

Whether you’re opting for a relaxed and casual affair or a wedding extravaganza, you can rest assured your dream wedding will come to life should you use a checklist and have everything planned and ready. Should you choose to share your special day at The Glasshouse; breathtaking views, outstanding service and professional advice from The Big Group will ensure your day will be as effortless as it is memorable.

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